Guiding Principles

House of Ruth’s programs and services are focused on creating and sustaining positive change for the women, children and families we serve.  Certain principles guide us as we undertake our work, they are to:

  1. Establish an ongoing therapeutic relationship with each person in order to make positive change possible.  Interactions are caring, consistent, respectful and responsive.
  2. Support every participant and capitalize on their strengths to achieve their individualized outcomes: stable housing, trauma recovery, mental health, addiction recovery, employment and abuse-free relationships. 
  3. Develop the most effective interventions and carry them out with the highest ethical standards.
  4. Provide an environment that is nurturing, consistent, structured and safe.
  5. Attract, develop and retain proficient, skilled, supportive staff.
  6. Serve as a conduit for caring members of the community to effectively assist women, children and families who are homeless and abused.
  7. Exercise excellent stewardship of and accountability for private donations and public funds.
  8. Maintain our financial stability and cost-efficiency.