Families: In Their Own Words

Deborah W.*

“If it wasn’t for House of Ruth, I don’t know where my daughter and I would be right now.  We had no where to go after I left my husband, but we had to go, he was starting to threaten my daughter.

Since coming here a year ago, I’ve studied to become a certified medical administrative assistant.  Now, I’m spending every day, Monday through Friday, at the employment center, looking for a job.  Once I find a job, I’m going back to school to study medical billing and coding. 

The staff at House of Ruth has helped me every step of the way.  I’m telling you, I’m not going to give up, we’ve come too far to give up.”

Rosemary T.*

“I’m so thankful for this safe environment for me and my children.  My case manager and the other staff really care about us and they’re helping me get my confidence back.  I’m motivated now to move on and do better for my family.  I’ve finished my GED and now I’m taking a course in phlebotomy.  In 10 weeks, I’ll be qualified for a decent job.”

Stefanie G.*

“House of Ruth kept my children safe.  It is a positive atmosphere.  The staff is always there for me, if I need to talk or figure something out.  They give you a chance to help yourself.

I used to always be angry.  But here, they teach you patience and how to deal with things that come up. 

My kids love the staff here.  I’ve learned how much I like working with children.  I want to work in the day care field.”

Carolyn B.*

“House of Ruth brought me peace of mind.  I lost a lot before I came here, but now I feel way better.  I’m not worrying if I’m going to get hit today.  My self esteem is better.

I have a support system here with the staff and the other women.  The staff gives me my motivation.  And my four best friends are here.  All the women, we’ve got camaraderie.  When we have our group sessions we lay it all out.  Nobody holds back.  We’re facing reality here. 

The pieces of my puzzle are coming together.  I’m studying medical coding and billing so I can get back into the health field.”

Tiffany Y.*

“My daughter was 15 months old when we came here.  She couldn’t talk.  She understood, but just couldn’t say what she wanted.  She’d get so frustrated she’d cry and scream.  She has speech and language therapy at Kidspace and now she’s able to express what she wants.  I love Kidspace for that!  It’s a good learning environment for her, and the Family Advocate is always there for me to help me participate in my child’s education.

Sharita N.*

“This program works.  The people are wonderful.  I really appreciate the opportunity to change my life for the better, for myself and my children.

They really cater to the children here, get them involved with reading, there’s a homework club to help all the kids, the staff is always planning trips and activities.  They got summer camps for my children.

It’s awesome not having to worry all the time.  My mind is calm now, I can think.  I had to get used to not worrying so much!  I know everything is going to be okay, because the staff has my back.  At the end of my two years here, I’m going to be fine.  I’m studying business customer relations now so I can get a better job.

I’m so thankful these services are here.  They offer so much.”

Clarice C.*

“I’m very grateful for House of Ruth.  I don’t know where I’d be without them.  I gave up everything to get away from my kid’s father.  My apartment, my job, everything.  So I don’t know where I’d be. 

They’re  very helpful.  They’ve helped me get situated, help me get ready for the world again, get over my experiences.  I feel safe.  I’m looking forward to going back to work, getting my own place again.

I really want to give my children a good foundation.  They were in the midst of everything, and it was hard for them seeing mommy and daddy fighting all the time.  My oldest daughter keeps to herself now.  So I want to get them back to the old them, too.”


*Not their real names.

Building on Strengths

The women at House of Ruth have had terrible things happen to them.  From early childhood on, violence has been a part of their family life.  It’s our job to find the strengths that each woman and child possess and then help them build on those qualities.  It may be intelligence, a talent, resiliency, or the memory of a positive relationship – whatever the asset, it provides a starting point for building a relationship.

As time goes on, the women and children learn that the staff truly has their best interests at heart.  They see it in the actions of staff, the nurturing and support that is offered, and, gradually, they begin to trust us.  Great change can happen from that foundation of trust and respect.