Key People

Board of Directors


  • Pamela Pinkett, Chair
  • Gina Schaefer, Vice Chair


  • Ellen Adams
  • Caryl Bernstein
  • Darryl Christmon
  • John Harwood
  • Andrew Kentz
  • Stephanie Kushner
  • Diane Lewis
  • Karen Mayers
  • Ruth Pollak
  • Ann Scher
  • Laura Stone
  • Michelle Walker
  • Astrid Weigert


Senior Staff


  • Winifred Wilson, Executive Director
  • Sandra Jackson, Director of Operations
  • Nancy Krutoy, Controller
  • TC Benson, Director of Development

Program Coordinators:

  • Sheila Dashiell
  • Nadine Earlington
  • Jamie Farmer
  • Crystal Graham
  • Angela Harrison-Mitchener
  • Laurette Hilliard
  • Shirley Malone
  • Fatu Songowa
  • Tara Villanueva
  • Bonita Ward


Our vision is to enable the largest number of people we serve to achieve stable housing, trauma recovery, mental health, addiction recovery, employment and abuse-free relationships.  To achieve this vision House of Ruth will:

  • Sustain an unwavering focus on our mission, principles and vision and the women, children and families we serve.
  • Seek continuous improvement by identifying and incorporating proven interventions and locating and employing staff and clinicians with specialized skills.
  • Achieve measurable successes by identifying and employing strategies to fully engage participants in the positive change process.
  • Increase staff’s effectiveness in consistently using proven interventions.